GoodWave specializes in all things kayak.

GoodWave specializes in all things kayak. From introductory white water sessions to paddle trips across South India.

To most people, kayaking is a life changing experience or at the very least an adrenaline-charged adventure. It's been said that kayaking is one of the few adventure sports out there that truly is for everyone because its not about strength, it's about technique. In the years we've spent Kayaking, we have become South India's first family of river-based adventure, operating on over twenty rivers in India.

In order to promote this challenging adventure sport, we decided to establish a school to teach White Water Kayaking in South India. GoodWave is the first company in South India to attempt such a bold initiative. Why do we do this ? It's simple - we love to paddle, we love to stretch our boundaries, we enjoy watching new enthusiasts fall in love with the sport, we love to achieve and we love the feeling of being alive!

Goodwave Adventures was born from the kinship we formed over a common cause— to explore, promote and protect the amazing white water that India has to offer. Each one of us is genuinely invested in every paddler, every trip and every lifetime memory. When you sign up for a learn to kayak course, you’re not just a customer—you're a friend, a member of the crew and an extension of our team. We’ll answer your questions, make sure your needs at taken care of, show you a good time and share with you our passion for the country’s waterways.

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