Welcome to RushFinder

RushFinder is a global community for adventure sports enthusiasts to Create, Discuss, Plan, Share and Discover their next adventure. It is also a place where they showcase their past adventures. From a rank beginner to seasoned professional. From not-for-profit organizations to commercial operators. The idea is to share and discover; learn and teach. It's all about adventure.

Beautiful rock island

There are four main sections of the site:

  • Profiles: Every user gets a free profile to share their interests and showcase their adventure sports history. Your profile page also contains your RushMap which displays the locations of all your adventure TripLogs and your home/office location (once you specifically add them).
  • TripLogs: A section where users can post details about their ongoing or past adventure trips.
  • Events: Ideas for adventure trips get posted here. These can be fixed departure trips of a commercial operator or they can be an exploratory proposal for a possible future trip. Or anything in between. You can generate a TripMap by adding the exact locations.
  • Discussions: This section creates opportunities for adventurers to ask, learn, share and educate each other.

The Creators

RushFinder has been incubated by Impellio.com -- a digital media incubator owned and run by Ajay Jaiman.

Ajay Jaiman is a programmer, designer and a general technology hack who is always excited about new adventures, whether indoors (behind a Bash terminal, in Linux or OSX) or outdoors (on a cycle on a mountain, under water in a scuba suit or in the air hooked to a glider).

This site has been built with Ruby and Ruby On Rails.