While we love to teach, we are more passionate about learning ourselves.

While we love to teach, we are more passionate about learning ourselves. With a history spanning over two decades, we are constantly exchanging knowledge with the best pilots, test pilots, manufacturers, designers and instructors around the globe. We fly every day, and inculcate this enthusiasm for free flight into our training sessions as well.

We believe it's important to build a strong foundation of skills and knowledge that you will utilise and build on, throughout your flying career. Our goal is to produce a well-rounded pilot and to help you attain a level of proficiency and confidence needed to gain valuable experience.

Over the years, we have developed a methodical training programme and a comprehensive syllabus, which allows us to efficiently and effectively direct our students through the training process.

During the training, you will be in a completely safe and supervised environment, with constant support and radio guidance from our team. Training sessions are conducted in smooth wind conditions. We provide all equipment for the training, which are internationally certified and regularly inspected by us.

Our instructors will lead you through a natural progression of skills training you to be a safe, accomplished pilot.

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