Water Sports in Tunisia (Hammamet Beach)

Hammamet is a popular Mediterranean beach resort in Tunisa. The waters are clear, the sky a deep blue and the weather is perfect.

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Posted by: Ajay Jaiman

Many years ago I found myself at one of the most awesome beach resorts I had ever been to. Except I had no time to even walk to the sea, even though the hotel I was staying in had private access to it. Why, you might wonder. Because I was at work. Attending the World Summit on the Information Society.

This was Tunis of the old. And Hammamet was particularly popular with the German tourists. Who, I was told, landed up in plane loads to play golf and lounge in bright winter sun. I had little time for either. Till the very last day. Fortunately I had the foresight to give myself an extra day after the conference to look around.

I figures in that one day that if you are interested in water sports this was the place to go. I managed to spend some hours falling of the jet ski, and sitting ogling at the beautiful yacht , that was mine to to take to see, except I did not know how to…

Even though I had just a day there to enjoy the water sports in Hammamet, I really enjoyed myself. Thinking to myself that I’d go back. With the family. And then history happened. Perhaps it is now a good time to go back...

Map: Water Sports in Tunisia (Hammamet Beach)

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