Cycling the Manali - Leh Road

We cycled the Manali - Leh Road self-supported. Camped most nights and ate at makeshift dhabas. This was our first self-supported cycling trip and we had no clue what we were getting into.

Sport: Cycling

Posted by: Ajay Jaiman

This was 2010. The year Leh experienced floods. And we got stuck at Debring because Tanglang La was closed. Eventually we took a detour and reached Leh via Tso Kar and Mahe bridge. So it ended up being a longer than normal trip.

This really is a trip of a lifetime. If you are an avid cyclist this has to be on your list of to dos. The landscape is amazing - it changes from tropical to arid dusty high-altitude plateau (think Tibet). The altitude is stunning -- where else in the world do you cycle for days and never drop below 4,000 meters. The roads are non-existent -- I believe they have become somewhat better, but in this high mountain, every spring once the snow melts the there often is a surprise waiting for you.

A true adventure, especially if you go self-supported. You are guaranteed to meet amazing crazy people -- far crazier than you.

Map: Cycling the Manali - Leh Road

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